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Internet & TOR by Ryo

Hi! I wanted to share that my lab is finally connected to the internet! For the last 6 months ever since I got my first switch and router, my lab never had gotten out of its LAN😅. It's the first time getting out of my LAN and interacting with the internet and I'm just sooo excited about it. The reason I decided to extend my lab to the internet is because I have been looking into technologies used over the internet, TOR in particular. I'm learning how relays used in TOR allows clients to hide their identity over the internet and how it helps people in some countries with strict censorship. I found the technology as well as the role it plays in society very interesting. I believe such technology to ensure people have access to learn what is happening around the world is crucial. Having such tool gives us additional choice in what we choose from the pool of sources and I believe it could make a huge different sometimes. I am learning that there are many ways that I can take part in the community and I'm sure there is something that I can do to help people out there! By the way, I noticed that my lab topology is getting pretty messy😂. I'm currently working on BGP and I'll share a nicer topology here once I'm done with all the BGP configurations that I have in my mind. See you in the next post!!!!!